Mist Fans

Beautifully Strong :

100 % made in India Premium fan.

  • Grid Dimension: 26
  • Blade : 24" 600mm
  • Voltage: 110V,220 ,380V
  • Fan oscillation adjustable: 90 degrees
  • Temperatures drop: 5 - 10%
  • Diameter of atomized drip: < 10 um.
  • Jet distance: 5-6 m
  • Available in 2 shapes of tank: square and oval
  • 220 V-50 Hertz-180 Watt Main fan motor made up of strong casting & 100% copper wire.
  • Water tank : Area plane hose shaped 38 Litres .Strong fibre tank
  • Available in 5 different colours.
  • Wooden stand wheels with brake.
  • Mist control knob
  • Can also run only as fan without mist
  • Mist motor with bearing inside--50 W
  • Air Delivery---220 m3/min.

Why go for Cooler Mist Fan

26" Fan Description :

  • Dimension: 650 mm (26")
  • Voltage: 110V,220 ,380V
  • Fan oscillation adjustable: 90 degrees automatically
  • Fan tilt adjustable: 30 degrees
  • Available area: 80 square meters
  • Temperatures drop: 5 - 10%
  • Diameter of atomized drip: < 10 um
  • Jet distance: 8-10 m
  • Available in 2 shapes of tank: square and oval

Jumbo mist fan for Events :

Jumbo mist fan is specifically used for events.

  • Area :2500 square feet.
  • Voltage:220V,500 W Motor
  • Rotates-90 degree
  • Height-185cms.
  • Water Consumption per hour:35 litres.
  • Tank capacity:50 litres.
  • Ground Mounted with strong M.S powder coated cabinate
  • For rough handling and transport
  • Suitable for Cow Shed and Horse Stable

Fan Mist kit :


  • Power : 60W
  • Voltage : 220V
  • Effective area : 30-50m2
  • Motor Speed : 2900rpm.
  • It is a simple unit which can convert any fan into mist fan.
  • Simple Installation
  • Quick Effect

About Misting

What are effects of humidity ?

High-Pressure Misting Systems will work very effectively in both low and high levels of humidity. Even when the humidity exceeds 90%, the effects of the High-Pressure Misting System will be felt with the rapid drop in temperature and make you feel cool and more comfortable.

What is Flash Evaporation

Flash evaporation occurs when water is forced through micro nozzles, creating a super fine mist. The smaller each water droplet, the more surface area per gallon of water and the more effectively the water evaporates. As the super-fine water droplets are introduced into the atmosphere, they quickly absorb the heat present in the environment and evaporate, hence the air is cooled.

High Pressure Misting Systems

High-Pressure Misting Systems operate between 800 and 1200 psi (pounds per square inch) of water pressure. A High- Pressure Pump is the heart of the misting system and is utilized to increase the pressure of the water flow. Droplets of water the size of 10 microns or smaller are forced through an air stream. As the micron water droplets “flash evaporate” they pick up heat from the air, which significantly drops the temperature between 25 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit, without making you wet.